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TideSpy web tools is a collection of ways you can enable your website for tide information. Please note that we do not cover all locations on the planet; see our place index for the countries available. There are currently four ways to get tide information:

  1. Link to TideSpy - the single-place chart and the map both have a variety of URI types that can display the information you'd like your visitors to see when they click the link. Links are free and unrestricted. More information here.

  2. Embed a single-place chart in your own web page using TideFrames to give your visitors information about tides, sun, moon, and solunar times. You will need to read more, sign up and choose between displaying an unobtrusive Google Ads panel with the chart, or paying a small monthly fee. If you are already signed up, edit your TideFrame settings here.

  3. Your own custom graph - design your own graph or table and we will send you a new png image every day by email or ftp. There are dozens of existing designs you can start with and modify. This is a manual process with a setup fee and a monthly charge, and you'll need to email us for details.

  4. Raw tide data API - this API will supply tide heights for a given place in response to an HTTP request. The tide data is returned in JSON format. A number of supporting APIs are also available, such as information about places, time zones, wind and swell forecasts, and moon/sun data. This service is available for a small monthly fee.   See here for more information.