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TideSpy Raw Tide Data API

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The TideSpy Raw Data API calls accept web (HTTP) requests and return JSON-formatted responses. All request URIs must contain a valid key which is assigned when signing up for this service.

To obtain a Tidespy API key, you need to Log in. If you do not have a login, please sign up to the TideFrame API (although there is no need to use the TideFrame API or fill in any details). Then return to this page to get your Tidespy Raw Data API key.

The following request types are supported:

Note that the places covered include the USA, Caribbean Islands, most central and eastern Pacific Islands, Australia, and New Zealand. Information is available for at least the previous and following 12 months.

All data is corrected for local time zone and daylight saving corrections, and tide data is obtained from official sources.

Important: If this data will be displayed to the public, a disclaimer and copyright notice must be displayed along with the information. Contact us for details.

Some request examples follow, with a typical response shown in the box underneath:

Tide place request


{ Ok: true Number: 1341 Name: "South Fork" State: "Florida" Area: "St. Lucie River" Country: "USA" HasTideInfo: true }

Tide heights request


{ ReqPlace: "1341" // The number of the place requested. Ok: true // If the request was successful. ReqUnit: "m" // Height units requested. ReqStart: "20110505" // yyyymmdd starting date requested. ReqDays: "2" // Number of days requested. Name: "South Fork" // Name of the place. TimeZone: "EDT" // Time zone of the place. PlaceUnit: "ft" // The 'normal' height units used for this place. Turns: [ // An array of tide turn structures. { HorL: "L" // Whether the tide turn is a high (H) or a low (L). Date: "20110505" // The date (yyyymmdd) of this turn. Minute: 314 // The minute of this turn, 0-1439. Height: "0.17" // The height above datum for this turn in the requested units. DLS: true // Whether daylight saving time offset has been applied. } { HorL: "H" Date: "20110505" Minute: 657 Height: "1.98" DLS: true } { HorL: "L" Date: "20110505" Minute: 1030 Height: "0.14" DLS: true } { HorL: "H" Date: "20110505" Minute: 1394 Height: "2.36" DLS: true } { HorL: "L" Date: "20110506" Minute: 352 Height: "0.20" DLS: true } { HorL: "H" Date: "20110506" Minute: 697 Height: "1.95" DLS: true } { HorL: "L" Date: "20110506" Minute: 1069 Height: "0.17" DLS: true } { HorL: "H" Date: "20110506" Minute: 1435 Height: "2.36" DLS: true } ] }